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Welcome to Rogue Events Conventions

Thank you for dropping by, Rogue Events have the pleasure of bringing you the very best stars to conventions from various TV shows and films.

To find out who will be attending our conventions in 2014 use the links above for quick access to our events, use the timeline feature or all posts for more information. We have a fantastic line up of actors who have played various hunters, demons, angels, vampires, gods, monsters, werewolves and the usual human sidekick!

We are very pleased to bring back our favourite conventions.

  • Asylum 12 and Insurgence 6 were both held recently
  • Our 2nd Teen Wolf convention Wolfs Bane 2 in July is our next event
  • Still to come come for Supernatural fans is Asylum 13 in October
  • And the final event for 2014 is Ravens a new convention for fans of Pretty Little Liars and One Tree Hill held in October

We are looking ahead to conventions for 2015 and are pleased to announce the following -

  • We are very pleased to bring back our Supernatural convention. Asylum 14 tickets have already passed the 80% initial allocation mark
  • Under the name The City of Heroes it will feature guest stars who have played heroes and villains from various TV shows
  • Insurgence will be back and bring together various guests from the following two TV shows Vampire Diaries and The Originals

Not yet confirmed but we are looking at Wolfs Bane 3 and Asylum 15. We should be able to make a decision on these shortly. And we are also looking at new events for shows including Grimm.

We hope you will enjoy the guests we bring you and look forward to a fantastic 2014/15 with as many of you as possible.

Kind regards

Rogue Events


Digital JPEG Copies

Digital JPEG Copies

So you attended an event hosted by Rogue Events, you had your photo taken with one or more guests, it’s signed, looking pretty and in a frame or folder at home now what? Well that’s where Rogue Event Digitals comes in. Find out more here.

Tips & Social Networks

Tips & Social Networks

Want to have the best possible time at a convention? Here are some useful tips and a few links for you to read! We have two very large communities on Twitter and Facebook with a combined follow ship of over 16,000 members. Find out more here.

Convention FAQ

Convention FAQ

Please take time to read our FAQ, it is full of useful information on how we run our events, what you can expect, what you can and can not do at the conventions etc. It also has reminders on how to pay for your ticket and what is included etc. Find out more here.